The world changes; so should folk. It has to be a living thing. Because we live now!”
– Domas Strupinskas

Lietava is a celebration of sixteen rare traditional Lithuanian folk instruments by the highly respected Lithuanian musicians Saulius Petreikis and Domas Strupinskas. These are instruments that once had pivotal roles for the people of historic Lithuania, yet many are now all but forgotten; some have never been professionally recorded before.

Through their approach to the production and performance of the album, Domas and Saulius have created an aesthetic manifesto about the relationship between tradition and renewal. Inspired by minimalism and documentary sound recordings, it serves to challenge folk orthodoxy; an approach for which the artists have coined the term ‘shifting folk’.

The stories about the instruments help enrich the album by giving us context and a deeper appreciation of the instruments. Moreover, it is through learning of the album’s provenance that we can understand how Domas and Saulius put their theories about shifting folk into practice, producing both a reverent celebration of traditional instruments and a striking, minimalist and radical folk album.